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Confirm Humanity

  The other day, I was asked to “confirm humanity” when I signed up for a newsletter. You know the drill—check all the boxes that have stoplights or mountains, etc. It’s usually a mildly anxious few seconds that I spend triple-checking vague scenery for the right details but asking me to confirm my humanity really made me want to perform well. And because I can’t help myself, I sat in existential wonder for a few minutes, pondering what it means to “confirm humanity.” What does it mean to be human? The question has been around as long as we have. It’s at the heart of Christianity (and probably every other faith tradition, too). It’s perhaps the central question of the sacred texts and especially important to my favorite text: the creation stories of Genesis. The youth I’ve worked with are often surprised when I refer to The Creation Story in the plural (it gets even more fun when we bring in those from Psalm 104 and Job to the conversation). It doesn’t seem to be widely known amo

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