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Perfection & Grace

Since my teenage years, I have had a close relationship with perfectionism. It's not always such a bad thing--if I had to give it a Facebook status, it'd be "it's complicated."
Sometimes the drive to excel leads to opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise had. Like getting the chance to compete in the state cross-country and track meets throughout high school. But more often, the quest for perfection limits the joy I might find in ordinary moments if I were not in a constant battle with Improvement. Like when I struggle to feel proud of something I've worked hard on because someone could still criticize it.
I know I am not the only one who's in a relationship with perfectionism. And while we may acknowledge that perfection is unattainable, the motivation behind it consumes a lot of our energy anyway. At least it sometimes does for me. Because if you could make something perfect--if you could be perfect--everyone would like you. Everyone would respect you…

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